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Sam Balmer

Sam has been married to Louise since 1988, and they have three adult children: Victoria, Matthew and James. They just recently became grandparents to baby George.  They have been involved in local church leadership, world mission, and youth ministry for over 20 years.

In 2006, Sam and Louise left secular employment and now serve the Lord full-time in three main areas of ministry – Bible Educational Services, Fermanagh Christian Fellowship, and Sow2Reap Trust.  Sam travels extensively to encourage and train Bible Educational Services partners across the world.

Cliff Donaldson

Cliff is a retired high school teacher who resides in Oakville, Ontario.  He serves as an elder at Hopedale Bible Chapel in Oakville, and ministers from time to time in other assemblies as well.  Cliff has three adult children, and three grandchildren.  He enjoys receiving gift cards from Vincenzo’s, and suffers from male pattern baldness.

Sandy McEachern

Sandy McEachern has taught the Scriptures for many years – locally in Canada, in North America and internationally. He has served on the board of Uplook Ministries, been on the board of Upward Bound and actively involved in the Upward Bound Bible Conference for 22 years, was the director of Galilee Bible Camp for ten years and has been the editor of Choice Gleanings devotional calendar for the past 25 years. He has Bachelor’s degrees in English, History and Education. He also has a Masters Degree in History and has studied post graduate Theology/Apologetics at Oxford University for a year. He is a partner in a property development/construction company that specializes in building residential condominium communities. His wife, Louise, works in Public Health Nutrition at the University of Waterloo. Sandy, his wife and their dog Archie live near Elora, Ontario Canada.

Stephen Vance

Stephen first trained and worked in software engineering at the University of Waterloo but changed careers a number of years ago to work in counselling and community caring work. He was commended to full-time evangelism and Bible teaching in 2001, and in the years that followed he became involved in Scarborough (Toronto) in a Gospel outreach work to the Chinese immigrant community. Stephen and his wife, Cynthia, serve the Lord through summer Gospel Tent meetings, children’s meetings, home Bible studies and summer camps. Stephen also occasionally travels to other parts of Canada for conferences and teaching meetings.

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